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    1. 中國投資有限責任公司

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          The International Advisory Council (hereafter referred to as the "Council") is an internal advisory body consisting of experts of international reputation and status, who at the request of the company provide advice to help the company better understanding global macroeconomic and financial issues and develop its overall strategic direction and policies, including overseas investment strategies, policies and processes. The Council convenes once a year.


          In according with the Council's Charter, CIC appointed members for the fifth term of the Council in 2018 and convened 11th International Advisory Council Meeting in September 2019.



          Shaukat Aziz (Pakistan)

          Former Prime Minister of Pakistan; former Executive Vice President, Citibank

          Zhou Xiaochuan (China)

          President of China Society for Finance and Banking;Former Governor of the People's Bank of China

          Justin Yifu Lin (China)

          Dean, Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University; former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, World Bank

          Frederick Ma (Hong Kong, China)

          Council Chairman, the Education University of Hong Kong; Honorary Professor, School of Economics and Finance, University of Hong Kong; former Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China; former Chairman, MTR Corporation Limited

          Andrew Sheng (Malaysia)

          Chief Advisor to China Banking Regulatory Commission; former Chairman, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.


          Omari Issa (Tanzania)

          Chairman, Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited; CEO, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Foundation; Chairman, International Board, AMREF Health Africa

          John H. Maree (South Africa)

          Chairman, Liberty Group; Deputy Chairman and former CEO, Standard Bank Group


          Merit E. Janow (United States of America)

          Dean, School of International and Public Affairs, and Professor of Practice, International Economic Law and International Affairs, Columbia University; former member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization

          John L. Thornton (United States of America)

          Chair Emeritus, Brookings Institution;Co-Chair, Board of Trustees of the Asia Society; Chairman, Barrick Gold Corporation; former President, Goldman Sachs Group

          Andrónico Luksic  (Chile)

          Chairman, Luksic Group


          Gerhard Schr?der (Germany)

          Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee, Nord Stream; former Chancellor of Germany

          Jean Lemierre (France)

          Chairman of BNP Paribas; former President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

          Lord Sassoon (United Kingdom)

          President of the China-Britain Business Council; former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom 


           Chen Jia 

          Head of Department of Public Relations and International Cooperation, CIC; Secretary-General, Secretariat of International Advisory Council, CIC

          Former Members

          Details ↓ ↓

          Arminio Fraga (Brazil, 2009 to 2010)

          Former President, Central Bank of Brazil

          Lawrence J. Lau (Hong Kong, China, 2009 to 2010)

          Vice Chancellor (President), Chinese University of Hong Kong

          David L. Emerson (Canada, 2009 to 2012)

          Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of International Trade, former Minister of Industry, Canada

          Taizo Nishimuro (Japan, 2009 to 2013)

          Former Chairman and CEO, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group; former Chairman and CEO, Toshiba Corporation

          Lord Nicholas H. Stern (United Kingdom, 2009 to 2013)

          President, British Academy; I.G. Patel Professor of Economics and Government, London School of Economics and Political Science; former Chief Economist, World Bank Group

          James D. Wolfensohn (United States of America, 2009 to 2014)

          Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company; former President, World Bank Group; former Chairman, Citigroup International Advisory Board

          John J. Mack (United States of America, 2010 to 2016)

          Chairman Emeritus and former CEO, Morgan Stanley

          Zeng Peiyan (China, 2009 to 2018)

          Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges; former Vice Premier of the State Council, China

          Yingyi Qian (China, 2009 to 2018)

          Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University; Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

          Joseph Yam (Hong Kong, China, 2010 to 2018)

          Executive Vice President of the China Society for Finance and Banking; Distinguished Research Fellow of the Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance; former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

          Jorge Paulo Lemann (Brazil, 2014 to 2018)

          Director, Kraft Heinz Company

          Paul Costello (Australia, 2014 to 2018)

          Member, Payments System Board, Reserve Bank of Australia; Chair, Investment Committee, Qantas Superannuation Plan; Chair, Queensland Investment Corporation Infrastructure Investment Committee; former General Manager, Australian Future Fund

          Dame DeAnne Julius (United Kingdom, 2016 to 2020)

          Chair, University College London; former Chair, Chatham House; former Member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee and Court

          David Denison (Canada, 2014 to 2020)

          Chairman, Element Fleet Management Corp.; former CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

          Pack Up
          <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链>